Baxter of California


Identifying market position in Sweden

The essence of Baxter of California, the second biggest brand for men's grooming in the USA, is classic with an edge. It shows up in the logo, the packaging, and the products that are created, as well as in the personalities of the people who use the daily products. The tension between those two ideas is expressed in the communications plan that we created for Baxter of California Nordic.



Consultary & Production

Nordic launch campaign

We worked with premium dog food brand WONDERBOO, to create a digital launch campaign for their four new flavours of delicious dog food: Nordic Beef, Nordic Salmon Trout, Sensitive Meal and Puppy Beef, balancing the luxury and playfulness of the brand. The work involved launch analysis and strategy, campaign development, photo, content production and press relations.


Trygghetsfonden TSL

Strategy / production

Focusing on the misson

What does it mean to help more than 15,000 dismissed people a year to find a new job? For Trygghetsfonden TSL is the very core of the organization. The mission shaped the social media strategy that we created for Trygghetsfonden TSL. With new guidelines for content production, we acknowledge its inspiration directly in our work for Trygghetsfonden TSL.


3 Vänners Glass

Public relations

Digital campaign reached 1M+

3 Vänners Glass (3 friends ice cream) is a small and genuine ice cream factory and we partnerd up to launch their new line of less sugar: Mango, Passion & Cheesecake, Toasted Almonds & Tosca Sauce and Banana & Toffee + Chocolate chips.  

Since much of 3 Vänners Glass brand is friendly and playful, we knew we needed to make an engaging campaign. We developed a comprehensive concept for a launch campaign including promotional efforts, content for social media and influencer collaborations.The campaign reached 1.2M people, and 3 Vänners Glass achieved sales record for the the period.

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Kreativ Arena

Event marketing


Music, film, gaming, theatre are all integral part of the social community - and the economy. Much of the brand concept and online event marketing of the start-up Kreativ Arena that we created introduces all the creative sectors and contribution to the Stockholm region. Our primary focus was to ensure that all the marketing efforts would work across the different sectors.